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15-year-old Journalist to Cover Biden-Trump Presidential Debate

President Biden and the man he beat in 2020, Donald Trump, will debate in front of the American people next week. Both are unpopular, with recent polls showing them roughly tied, and both are older than our previous oldest president. Only one is a convicted felon, but the onus is on Biden to demonstrate that he has what it takes to remain in office. This Thursday, President Joe Biden and his 2020 opponent, former President Donald Trump, will present their respective cases to the American people. Neither would want to hear this, but they have much in common.

15-year-old journalist to cover Biden-Trump presidential debate

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Both are unpopular, are roughly tied in recent surveys, and are older than our previous oldest president, Ronald Reagan. However, just one is a convicted felon, and the pressure is on Joe Biden to demonstrate that he has what it takes to remain in government. Donald Trump will undoubtedly try to highlight what he and his supporters regard as Biden’s fragility. Biden will indeed emphasize Trump’s role in an anti-constitutional revolt. Anne Applebaum, my colleague and staff writer at The Atlantic and author of the new book Autocracy, Inc., will join me tonight to discuss this and other topics.

How To See The First Presidential Debate?

“It’s been quite beneficial to have the opportunity to speak with some of these different people,” Sharpe explained on Sunday’s “NewsNation Now.” “I don’t think any other journalist who is just a typical age would be able to get an interview with someone like the Prime Minister, for example, within just six months in their career.”

The young genius began by uploading discussions with local leaders to YouTube. His distinctive position as a young journalist rapidly drew the attention of media outlets. Sharpe’s interest in politics originates from the pandemic’s effects on daily life. He intends to give unbiased coverage, addressing what he perceives as the proliferation of political echo chambers in both Canada and the United States. With his age, Sharpe approaches his work with integrity, focusing on developing relevant questions for prominent interviews. He views his freshness as an asset, affording politicians a distinct platform to interact with younger generations.

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