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Husband arrested in connection with pregnant Columbia woman’s death

Chandreka Graham’s family has spoken out just days after the pregnant mother was discovered dead in her northeast Richland County home.

Husband arrested in connection with pregnant Columbia woman’s death

What happened?

Graham’s father, Harold White of Tallahassee, Florida, was naturally devastated when he detailed receiving the call from the Richland County coroner. “The coroner introduced themself, and that’s when they proceeded to tell me that she was deceased,” White recalled. “I was on the freeway and had to pull over. “That’s a call that no parent should ever receive.” Chandreka’s stepmother, Cathy White, stated the young mother enjoyed parenting. “She loved being a mom,” she added. “More than anything, she enjoyed being a mother. “And she was an excellent mother.” 

Chandreka was seven months pregnant with her first daughter, which exacerbated the family’s grief. She had already given the little girl the name Tegan. Now, the family is preparing to raise Chandreka’s two-year-old son.

What do the Officials Say?

The Richland County Sheriff’s Department reported on Friday that Chandreka’s husband, 35-year-old Jerrod Graham, had been arrested for the murder of his wife and her unborn child. He also faces ongoing allegations of unlawful weapon possession from May 2023. As the family prepares for Chandreka’s funeral, her grandma, Yvonne Louden, says they will move on with love. “So what we do is, we as a family come together and love,” Louden told the crowd.

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