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Riley Strain’s Cause of Death Released by Medical Examiner

The results of Riley Strain’s autopsy were revealed Tuesday by Tennessee’s Chief Medical Examiner. The toxicology report indicates that Strain’s blood alcohol level was more than twice the legal limit.

Riley Strain's Cause of Death

What is Riley Strain’s Cause of Death?

Strain’s blood alcohol level was.228, and he had Delta 9 in his system. The autopsy report classified Strain’s death as accidental, with no signs of substantial trauma. His exact cause of death is given as “drowning and ethanol intoxication.” Riley Strain vanished while on a fraternity excursion in downtown Nashville on March 8. One of his buddies contacted 911 the following day, reporting that he had gone to the Central Police Precinct and called the sheriff’s office to file a missing person report.

On the morning of March 22, authorities got a report of a body discovered in the river in West Nashville’s Nations community. The Metro Nashville Police Department confirmed that it was the missing 22-year-old. During the inquiry into his disappearance, investigators examined multiple pieces of surveillance video from several clubs and businesses that showed his movements through downtown Nashville. Strain’s last phone call was near James Robertson Parkway and Gay Street, where the search had been concentrated for several days. Then, on March 20, officials focused on the Cheatham Lock and Dam in Ashland City. Volunteers and Strain’s family members were actively involved in the search. Two TikTok users reportedly discovered Strain’s bank card on the riverbed days after he vanished.

Strain’s father, stepfather, and mother all expressed gratitude to law officers, the community, everyone who helped, and their loved ones back home for their assistance and efforts in finding him. Michelle Whiteid, Strain’s mother, spoke through tears, expressing her gratitude to those participating in the search for her son. “I just wanted to express how grateful we are to everyone and how much we value everyone’s support, love, and prayers, which we feel. “We’ve felt every one of them,” she explained. “Please embrace your infants tight tonight, moms. “Please, for me.”

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