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Summer Wells Still Missing After Three Years: No Clue to Find Her

Saturday marks three years since Summer Moon-Utah Wells was reported missing in Tennessee. The Tennessee Bureau of Investigation commemorated the anniversary on Friday by releasing a film detailing the most recent developments in the search. Josh Melton, Assistant Director of the Criminal Investigation Division, discussed his emotions about the case. “When I see the picture of Summer Wells, I see my daughter,” he stated. “If my daughter were missing, I’d hope somebody was out looking for her.”

Summer Wells Still Missing After Three Years

Summer Wells Still Missing:

Summer’s family, which includes parents Don Wells and Candus Bly, reported last seeing her around 6:30 p.m. on June 15, 2021, at their home. She was last spotted wearing a pink top and gray shorts, maybe barefoot.

The Tennessee Bureau of Investigation issued an Endangered Child Alert for the four-year-old on the same day. The agency joined many others in the search, including volunteer search teams.

Summer Wells Missing case:

The following day, authorities issued an Amber Alert for Summer, indicating that they believed she was in immediate danger. A few days after Summer’s abduction, the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation announced it was looking into Wells’ accusations that Summer had been kidnapped. Three years later, there are still no answers to Summer’s disappearance.

“We don’t have the evidence in this case to know for sure whether or not Summer was abducted or whether or not she walked away from her home and became lost,” Melton stated. “It’s crucial to not just focus on those two.”

Melton said the search is still ongoing. According to the most recent report from Tennessee Bureau of Investigation staff, agents are working in the region to determine what happened to the youngster.”We continue to concentrate on ground search efforts,” Melton stated. “We continue to focus on interviews with people about vehicles that may have traveled throughout the area or technology that could have been used that may give us a lead.”

The mystery swept the country in 2021, capturing the attention of amateur sleuths, podcasters, and YouTubers.”Many people have speculated what they think has happened in this case,” Melton stated. “The difficult part of speculation is that, if we as investigators speculate and focus our efforts in one direction, we’re making a huge mistake.”

Melton concluded by stating that the agency would continue to work on the case for as long as necessary. “Every stone is being turned over. “We have some of our most talented agents working on this case,” Melton added. “Experts from throughout the state have been called in. We’ve tried everything we know to solve this case, but we still don’t have the answers. We will not allow this case to sit on a shelf. We will continue to work on this matter until she is home.”

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