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U.S. Cancels Some Avocado Shipments from Mexico After an Inspector Incident

Following an incident that jeopardized US agricultural inspectors’ safety, the US stopped certain new avocado exports from Mexico.

U.S. Suspends Mexico Avocado Shipments:

In a state plagued by gang violence, mango inspections have also been delayed “until further notice,” although the USDA claims that food that has already been sent is unaffected. A US Department of Agriculture (USDA) official announced that the US stopped safety checks for avocados and mangos from the Mexican state of Michoacán because of a security issue involving USDA employees.

US suspends avocado imports from Mexican state due to security incident, government source says1

According to the spokeswoman, mangos and avocados already en route from Michoacán will not be impacted, but additional inspections have been put on hold “until further notice.” In particular, a protracted suspension of avocado inspections might negatively affect one of Mexico’s main agricultural exports to the US.

According to a USDA spokesman, the [safety inspection] programs will stay suspended until the security situation is examined and procedures and protections are implemented. The interim ban was instituted on Saturday following an incident at a rally in favor of local police in the town of Paracho, a government source in Michoacán told Reuters.

Alfredo Ramirez, the governor of Michoacán, told reporters on Monday that he had been in continuous communication with US authorities since Sunday, providing them with a “guarantee” that the state had the necessary export requirements in place. Mexico’s Ministry of Agriculture did not immediately answer a request for a response. In 2022, US authorities, claiming security issues encountered by inspectors, briefly halted avocado imports from Michoacán, a state plagued by persistent gang violence.

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