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Man accused of stabbing victim in hand outside Sweetwater café: What Happened?

A 40-year-old man was arrested on Sunday after stabbing another man in the hand outside a Sweetwater café, authorities said.

Man accused of stabbing victim in hand outside Sweetwater café

What does the Investigation Say?

According to his arrest record, the victim was standing outside the Rinconcito Café at 10930 W. Flagler St. shortly after 2:45 a.m. when he was approached by Christian Echeverri, who was wearing a backpack and brandishing a knife. The victim told police that Echeverri began “bothering” him. When he urged him to stop, Echeverri made “slashing movements” toward him before stabbing him in the right hand, according to the arrest report.

According to the allegation, Echeverri stole the victim’s phone and ran south down 110th Avenue. Sweetwater police said they combed the area and noticed Echeverri appearing to toss something away. When cops apprehended him, he was discovered carrying the victim’s smartphone, police added.

According to the investigation, Echeverri said that the victim gave him the phone and that the victim was holding the knife and attempting to stab him, so he defended himself. Police say the victim was taken to HCA Florida Kendall Hospital with non-life-threatening injuries. “It is important to note that the victim appears to be very old and frail. He walks (with) a cane and can barely maintain his balance without it,” an officer stated in the arrest report. Echeverri was arrested for armed robbery and violent violence. He was held at the Turner Guilford Knight Correctional Center on Monday afternoon, and his bond was not yet set.

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