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Angie Harmon’s 18-year-old daughter arrested in North Carolina: What happened?

Actress Angie Harmon and former NFL player Jason Sehorn’s daughter were charged with breaking into a Charlotte nightclub, leading to her arrest. After a delivery man shot and killed Harmon’s family dog outside her Charlotte home, the incident made headlines.

Angie Harmon's 18-year-old daughter arrested in North Carolina

Angie Harmon’s 18-year-old daughter arrested in North Carolina:

Now, 18-year-old Avery Sehorn, her daughter, has been placed under custody by the police after they claim she broke into World Night Club on Music Factory Boulevard with two other people. Emma Mondo of WCCB Charlotte spoke with a club owner. He claims that after breaking in through the back door with two 17-year-old lads, Sehorn and them hid behind his bar and consumed his alcohol.

The three are charged with stealing six $500 worth of liquor bottles last Thursday, per the warrant. One of his cleaning staff, according to the owner, captured them. He claims that after the teenagers fled, authorities quickly apprehended them. Mondo knocked on the doors of Harmon’s and Sehorn’s (the divorced couple) homes to get a response, but no one was home. Posts on social media On June 2nd, Avery received her diploma from Charlotte Christian School. This autumn, she plans to enroll at the University of Alabama. Although the club owner claims to have security footage of the incident, he has no plans to make it public.

Shortly after the teenagers’ escape, police detained them, and the club owner stated he watched the event but has no intention of disclosing it. She was seen pouting in her mugshot and is accused of stealing and burglary. There are no clear details about any scheduled court appearances. On June 2, Avery received her diploma from Charlotte Christian School. Earlier this month, she was pictured grinning with her mother and sisters. It is claimed that she plans to enroll at the University of Alabama next autumn. Only a few weeks have passed after Angie Harmon made news by disclosing that an Instacart driver had shot her cherished puppy.

In an Instagram post, she said that the driver, who “had no bite on him and not had his trousers ripped,” shot her dog Ollie before claiming it was self-defense. Harmon added, “We are beyond devastated and completely traumatized by the loss of our beloved boy and family member.”

During her segment on Good Morning America, the actress sobbed as she related the situation and how, upon comprehending what had happened, she heard her youngest child scream. Harmon remarked, “You’ll never forget that sound.” “My youngest child screamed,” I heard. Did you just shoot my dog? she said, if I heard correctly. What? I wondered. “The idea that someone could be standing in your driveway and have just fired a gun is just unbelievable,” she wailed. After hearing from the courier that he killed the dog when it attempted to bite him, police looking into the incident opted not to file charges. Harmon is preparing a lawsuit right now.

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